Cotecna Japan nominated by KSO to perform inspections of exports

  • 8/1/2018

Cotecna has been nominated as a subcontractor by Kerja Sama Operasi Sucofindo-Surveyor Indonesia (KSO SCISI) to represent them abroad for the inspection of Fishery Products (X.42) destined for Indonesia.

The IVP(Import Verification Program) for Fishery Products started in July 2018 as per the Regulation no. 66 Year 2018, dated 24th May 2018, of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia on the Provision of Import of Fishery Products.

Regarding this IVP, COTECNA’s contract with KSO starts from 30/07/2018 and ends on 30/04/2019. To learn more about this contract, or to request and inspection for your exports, please contact us.

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