Agriculture and Food Inspection

We provide personalised verification, monitoring, testing and certification services across the entire agricultural supply chain.

Our tailor-made services help the agroscience industry, fertiliser companies, farmers, food and feed processors, traders, transporters, financial institutions and insurers assess the quality, quantity and integrity of their products.

We inspect a wide range of agricultural commodities, including cereals, oils and oilseeds, pulses, and soft commodities such as sugar, coffee and cotton.

Range of Services

  • Weighing, tallying and measuring
  • Sampling and lab analysis
  • Inspection and sealing of holds, tanks, containers, wagons, trucks
  • Draft survey

Key Benefits

Our inspection and testing services for agriculture and food products help clients mitigate risk, comply with contractual obligations, and make businesses more transparent and sustainable.

Our people are backed by a global network of laboratories and internationally recognised accreditations and certifications of the very highest standards. We aim to achieve excellence and thereby provide our clients with the confidence they need to succeed.

Request an Inspection

To learn more about our Agriculture and Food services, or to request an inspection for your business, please contact us.

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